About Us
The most difficult thing to do is to talk about yourself.

We can be called a creative software studio. A union of design and technology. The Large Creativity and Technology Collider. Whether we create a brand, a publication, a website or an application, we work on the crossroads of these two domains. We cleverly combine the creative, artistic layer with the analytical, systemic approach. This combination gives us surprising results, lots of satisfaction and confidence in our decisions. We believe that this is the only way to find the best solutions for the modern communication.

The Codeine was founded in early 2013 by three freelancers with a rich international experience: Szymon Karpiński and Karol Kasprzak, the programmers, and Grzegorz Łotysz, a designer. Since then the company has been constantly developing, exploring new areas of activity and hiring only the best of the best. The members of our team are passionate, wildly talented and, of course, addicted to quality.
We create visual identity systems: the logo and its structure, typography, brand and advertising materials, everything laid out neatly in a Brand Book.
We create the design and typesetting for the publications of all shapes and sizes. We delight ourselves in non-obvious solutions, die-cutting and letterpress print on high quality paper.
We design and code websites powered by our custom Tuna CMS. We do PHP Symfony 3.x, JavaScript, GSAP, React, Paper.js and Canvas.
We design and code mobile applications (React Native).
Here we work from the ground up. From business goals through personas and user journeys to interactive mockups, we prepare the application’s analysis and architecture.
Desktop apps
We design and code desktop applications for OSx, Windows and Linux written in Electron and React.
We animate things. All in motion.
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